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His keen wit and straight backwoodsman ways appealed to the inhabitants of the Frontier. He was elected to Congress in , was defeated in but won again in On his defeat in , Crockett left his family and went to Texas.

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He fought in the Battle of the Alamo , intending to wrest Texas - after an appeal from William Barret Travis, the commander in charge - from the control of the Mexican General Santa Anna. It was a massacre and Crockett died, along with Texans and 1, Mexicans. The only survivors on the Texan side were one woman, one man, and a child.

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Two eyewitness survivors of the Alamo confirm that Crockett did die in the battle. Susanna Dickinson, the wife of an officer, said that Crockett died in the assault and that she saw Crockett's body between the long barracks and the chapel, and Travis' slave Joe said he also saw Crockett lying dead with the bodies of slain Mexican soldiers around him.

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The publication of 'With Santa Anna in Texas: A Personal Narrative of the Revolution' in English in , originally written by a Mexican officer who claimed to be present at the battle, caused a stir in the US as it clamed Crockett didn't die there. However, no other sources have made this claim and Crockett became a legendary figure.

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By the 19th century he had largely been forgotten but his legend was reborn in the s. Crockett lost his seat in Congress in when Jackson endorsed his opponent. In , he won his seat back, this time running as an anti-Jacksonian. Crockett's fame continued to grow.

The Life and Legend of David "Davy" Crockett

His folksy speeches were very popular and he released an autobiography about young love, bear hunting, and honest politics. A play called The Lion of the West , with a character clearly based on Crockett was popular at the time and was a big hit. In , however, he lost his seat in Congress to Adam Huntsman, who ran as a supporter of Jackson.

Crockett knew he was down but not out, but he still wanted to get out of Washington for a while. In late , Crockett made his way to Texas.

The Life and Legend of David "Davy" Crockett

The Texas Revolution had just broken out with the first shots fired at the Battle of Gonzales , and Crockett discovered that the people had a great passion and sympathy for Texas. Flocks of men and families were making their way to Texas to fight with the possibility of getting land if the revolution was successful.


Many believed Crockett was going there to fight for Texas. He was too good a politician to deny it. If he fought in Texas, his political career would benefit. He heard that the action was centered around San Antonio, so he headed there. Crockett arrived in Texas in early with a group of volunteers mostly from Tennessee who had made him their de facto leader. The Tennesseans with their long rifles were most welcome reinforcements at the poorly-defended fort.

Morale at the Alamo surged, as the men were delighted to have such a famous man among them. He later fought the British as well as Indians. His wife died and he remarried, gaining a large dowry that allowed him to pursue a political career. He increased his wealth through land speculation and ownership of a gunpowder factory and a distillery.

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He ran for state legislator in and his became well known for his country vernacular and boastful stories. He wasn't much good in the job so his family moved to western Tennessee and he gained reputation as the killer of black bears, using his trusty. He was elected to Congress in but found Washington boring and ineffectual, so he left the Democratic Party. Throughout his political career, Crockett pushed his land bill which would grant land to squatters.